Goods of Conscience

About Us

Goods of Conscience™

is a not-for-profit sustainable fashion company. We create goods that are thoughtfully handmade and beneficial to society and to our well-being. Our mission is to humanize globalization: to translate the Guatemala’s Mayan textile heritage to New York’s Garment industry know-how, satisfying our customer’s hunger for the authentic while enhancing the ancient culture that gave us cotton.

Our Values:

  • Preserve New York’s garment sector and Guatemala’s Mayan handwoven textiles.

  • Produce sustainable garments that do the earth no harm and do human beings a world of good.

  • Generate the culture of sustainably-produced and functional garments made of ethically sourced materials.

  • Promote the catholic take on social responsibility through fair labour practices. Goods of Conscience™ is under ethical working conditions in a catholic parish.

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