The Designer

Father Andrew

Father Andrew O'Connor

Father Andrew O'Connor, a New York diocesan priest, created Goods of Conscience™ after a Maryknoll retreat in Guatemala and El Salvador in early 2004. He fashioned this system of production after the work of Fr. Stan Rother, an Oklahoman priest assassinated in 1981 by proxies of the then Guatemalan government in Santiago, Atitlan. In order to help stabilize the economic life of the weavers in Guatemala, and focus parish life on the inherently Christian ethos of living sustainably, Goods of Conscience was created. Currently, Fr. O'Connor is the administrator of Saint Mary Grand parish in the Lower East Side, NYC. Concurrent to founding and designing for Goods of Conscience™, he founded Sacred Art Heals, a tent for his own art and collaborations with other artists. Please see examples of his work below.

Sacred Art Heals from Father Andrew on Vimeo.

If you are interested in hiring Father Andrew for your Art Project or Installation please contact him directly at